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English Speaking Countries, Great Britain

Fast Facts:

Official name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Capital: London

Population:  about 60.000.000
Official language:  English
Currency: Pound

Geography: United kingdom consist of a group of islands in the northwest Europe. It is made up by the four nations; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
In north and west the country is covered in high ground, knife - edge mountain ridges separated by deep valleys. The south of UK is countryside and mostly rolling hills.

People and Culture: England is known for all the sports that was invented there and all the good literatur. Soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing and golf are sports that was invented in UK. The United Kingdom is a home for many good writers. William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Robert Burns and J.K Rowling are some of them. William Shakespeare wrote the beautiful romans about Rome and Julia and J.K Rowling wrote all thrilling books about Harry Potter.

History: The year 1707 Great Britain was made into a country. It was the year England and Scotland joined up. They already had the same queen, queen Annie. The new country was then called Kingdom of Great Britain. 93 years later, 1800 ireland also joined but 122 years later most of Ireland left. !800 the country was called United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Today the country is called United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the nations are: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.   

Language: If you compare British english with the american english you will find pretty many differences. There is differences in both pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling. The differences in the pronunciation it is the vowels, consonants and intonation. In the vocabulary there is differences between the verbs and nouns and when it comes to the spelling you find the differences among the prefix och suffix forms.

Attractions: London Bridge and Big Ben are two famous attractions in Great Britain. London Bridge is the bridge over the river, River Thames in London. The bridge was built 30th of June 1894. Big Ben is a clock tower and it’s location is London too. It’s the third biggest clock in the world and it’s known because of the precise time and the massive bells (weighing more than 13 tons)

Other fun stuff:
In Great Britain you drive on the left side of the road, not on the right side as we do here in Sweden. The driver seat is on the right side.


Photo By: LaertesCTB

I think that it have been fun to work whit the english speaking countries. I like the way presented the work we'd done and I hope we're gone do it again. It was nice to work by myself and it make me realize that I can use pretty much of my english in a good way, way better then I thought and it makes me want to learn more. I'm happy with my performance and achievements. I think that the negative thing is that we didn't work that good in our group. 
When i look at the "bedömningsmatris" I see that I need to improve the "Interaktion, förmågan att förbättra mitt språk" and my "skriftliga förmåga".

I don't know what chapter I want to work with,  just make it fun :D. And the grammar are something you always have to train so that dosen't matter to me either. 


Dear Adonaj 

How are you? I'm fine here in the UK. I just arrived at my uncle's place and I'll stay here for the two comming weeks. I miss you so much and I wish you were here whit me. Yesterday I was in London looking at Big Ben. It was amazing. Tomorrow I'll go to see London Bridge and it will be fun. I met Emanuel our sweet little cousin and he has really gotten bigger and he grows fast. I'll take some pictures and show you when I get home. The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining. I hope that the sun is shining in Sweden too. I have been drinking a lot f tea and I discovered that kidneys dosen't taste as good as they say. The rest of the food taste wonderful (and that's good. I¨m not planing on to die here)

Hope you have a really nice summer. Lots of love// Lydia   

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