tisdag 5 november 2013

We know were you live, finish the story

If it wasn't Rachel and the other girls in the class that sent the texts, who was it? She couldn't move and she couldn't stop crying. Why was this happening to her. Could someone actually hate her so much because she dated Simon? Not even Rachel was that angry and Rachel would never hurt her. Not even threat her like this. The other girls maybe thought that she was out of line but this, this was way to much. They wouldn't do this. Emma heard the door open. Scared she hid behind the door. 

- Emma, at home alredy? it was her mother. Could you help me with the grocery, please? Relieved she dried her tears. She didn't want anyone to see her like this. 
- Yeah, just a seconed, I'll be right out, she answered. 

She sat down just for a seconed to calm down before she opened the door and walked straight to the kitchen. In silence Emma packed up the grocery and then her mum started to cook food. Emma put the last product in the fridge and went back to her room and picked up her phone. Still scared she looked at the screen and saw that someone sent her a new messege. "If you tell anyone about the texts, you will regret it". What would she do now. She couldn't tell her mum becuse she would tell the police and then everyone would find out. Simon? No, he was a jerk. She fell for him at first but now she hated him. He didn't like her at all. He just took adventage of her and he wouldn't understand. Rachel? Mabye they wasn't BFFs at the moment but wouldn't she help in a crisis like this one? Emma had to try, no one else could help her.  

Terrifide Emma walked to Rachels house in the rain. She knocked at the door and it opened. It was Rachel. 

- What part of the sentences I don't care, leave me alone don't you understand? Cuz' I would happily explain it to you said Rachel
- Rach, I'm so sorry about Simon, I really mean that but I can't go back and change the past.
- I don't want you to. I'm happy you and that disgusting idiot found eachother. You make a lovely coupel. Was that the only reason you came over and knocked at my door?
- I alredy told you I'm sorry but that's not the only reason I came but it's freezing outside. Inside?
- So it wasn't enough that you came? You have to be rude to? Rachel snaped. 
- Please? Emma asked as nice as she possibly could. 

Reluctantly Rachel opened the door and Emma steped inside. She took her shoes and her jacket off and followed Rachel to her room. No one else was in the house and when Rachel closed the door Emma started to tell her about the texts. About how the started after Rachel foud out about Simon and how they just got worse. When she stoped talking she tried to hold the tears back. Emma sat and waited for any reaction from rachel. But she didn't say anything, not a word. Emma looked out the window and suddenly a tear fell down her ceek, and another one and they didn't stop. Rachel stood up and walked over to Emma and huged her. 

- I'm so sorry for not beeing here for you Em, I don't know what to say, whispered Rachel.  
- No, I just don't know what to do, do you?, Emma anwnsered still crying.
- I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't. Did you tell anyone else? 
- No, just you, I need you and your help, Emma said.

The next day the girls walked to school together and Emmas phone beeped. She opened the textmessge and read it. "You told Rachel right, you are going to regret it like I told you and just so you know this is a warning, and I'm watching you" 

The End! 

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