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English exercise

Exercise  from the blog:

Exercis  no: 1

First choose one of the texts that we have read. See if you can identify the following in it.

  • Where does the text take place?
  • Who are the main characters in the text?
  • What is the storyline?
  • What makes this text scary?
  • Can you find any useful words that the author uses to make the text scary?

I choose a story called: Scary Moments S:

  • It takes place in a house. The owners is Rachel’s parents and it happened  when she’s a little girl but now when she tell us the story she’s  a grown up adult.

  • The main characters are Rachel and the ghost.

  • The storyline is about a girl how’s called Rachel. She lives in a house on the countryside  with her parents and her sister. One day she saw a boy standing in the end of her bed. The boy was transparent and she told her parents what she seen but they didn’t believe her. They said that had to be a nightmare and that she didn’t have to worry about it. But the boy shows up again and again.

One time her sister is with her and she sees the ghost to but she was about 2 years so her parents didn’t believe her any way.

One other time she’s at home alone and she hears a door slam. Then she hears a voice say “get out,  just get out”  she gets scared and run up stairs get in to her room and lockes the door. The boy gets up to knocks on the door and whisper “please get out” but she didn’t do it and try to hide in her bed. The door opens and the boy gets in. He gets closer to her bed and then she feel a hand over her mouth. He said “ you must leave the house” Her eyes was open but she couldn’t see.  Then suddenly the boy let me go and walked out the door. She run downstairs and tryed to phone her parents but she see that the tree in the garden is on fire and she run out of the house. When she finally gets out she see her bedroom is on fire too. So she realized that the boy saved her life that night. They got to know that the fire in her bedroom was because of that there was some wrong with the electric but now one new how the tree was on fire too. A few months later her father got a new job and they moved out. Rachel was really happy that they moved out because she new that the house was haunted.

  • The text is scary because the house is haunted.

  • I can’t find  any words but I find sentences like: My eyes were wide open but I couldn't see.
               I heard the front door open and slam shut.
               The door opened - the boy must have a key - and then the floor boards creaked as he came closer to my bed.

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