onsdag 23 januari 2013

Homeworks v. 2 - 5

The Empty School Summary:
The empty school is a story about a gang that one day gets a half hour extra free time after dinner. They sat in the sun because it had been raining all day. One of the gang  members goes get his jacket but returns really quickly . He hasn’t got his jacket with him and the others ask him what happened. He answered that there was no on in the school. They didn’t believe in him but followed him back anyway. When they got to the entrance they noticed a strange silence. They checked every room in the school but all they found was jackets, hats and half finished meals. One of them  wanted to leave but the others didn’t so they went looking for everyone.                     

A game:

Press the LINK so you can play the game. Your in two teams and one person can't see the screen. The team mates have to explain the word that's on the screen without saying the word. The person have one minute to figure out the word. If he/she does the team get one point. And if they don't the other team get one point. The team whit most points win!

Have Fun And Good Luck!!!! :D

Record 20 - 30 lines: 

Word finder:

Boil - Koka

Head teacher - Mentor

Suppose - Anta

Bully - Mobbare

Explain - Förklara

Visible - Synlig

Decisiones - Beslut

Stud - Stift

Confident - Säker

Dye - Färga

Certainly - Sannerligen

Individual - Individuel 

Limit - Gräns

Infection - Infektion

Science - No

Piercing - Håltagning 

Campus - Område

Suggested - Föreslagit

Freak - Udda

5 questions:

Red: How did Jim feel the firs day of school?
Black: Name three negative feelings Amy felt! 

Yellow: Name a thing Jim liked about school!
White: What was the name of the priceable at Jim's school?
Green: How did you feel the first day of school?


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