onsdag 15 januari 2014

Baby's ears, discussion leader


1. In the text Val helps her Grandma get out of the house and to start enjoying Florida. How does she do that? 

2. The text is very sweet and it's about the good things Val does for her Grandma but if you look at it from another perspective you can see that Val also lie to her Grandma. Lies aren't very accepted in our community, what do you think about Val lying in this situation? Is it good or bad. And lies in general how about them? 

3. Vals' a Grandma had a fear of water and she's not alone. We're all afraid of something! What are you afraid of? 

4. Vals' grandmother is very old and she can't take care of herself. When you get old and can't take care of yourself you end up in a nursing home, if you haven't got a relative that can take care of you like Val and her mother does for her grandmother. What's a nursing home? 

5. Val is in a very tricky situation with her grandma. If you were in Vals' shoes what would you do? 

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