tisdag 28 januari 2014

Creative Conector, Gift

The text Gift is about a girl that get mixed signals from a guy and misunderstands him. She thinks he's in to her but he's really engaged to someone else. I'm supposed to try connect this story to a reality, my reality, but I can't. This never happened to me, so I have to try connecting it to a book or a movie. 

Well when I start to think about it there's pretty many stories that start this way. A girl or a guy that falls  in love with someone and in the end you find out that they made it all up in their head. I just can't figure out what is it that makes us human enjoy a story about broken hearts and love that doesn't work out. 

In most stories the girl or the boy get's their soulmate and they can live their happily ever after, but not in this one. Gift ends up with Sunni, his future bride, and that makes the story very sad. Well even if it's a sad love story if you look at it from the girls perspective you can see that Gift and Sunni got the love story most people wish for. And even if the girl didn't get the love story she wanted this time but I'm convinced that she'll find her soulmate one day. 

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